Google Action in 10min without a single line of code and get free google T-Shirt and $200 of Google Cloud parks

  • overview of Google Actions
  • creating our first google assistant app
  • testing out our app on a real device
  • deploying our app
  • waiting to for delivery of our swags

Lets start

First open your brower(I am using Chrome) and ead On to Google’s Console

  1. click on Get Started and you will this pop up window
  1. Add a Short description
  2. Add a Full description of your app
  3. Add some sample Invocation
  4. Add your app logo(192 x 192) and banner image (1920 x 1080)
  5. Add contact details
  6. Time to add Privacy and consent for our app


Time to release our app. click on Release>Create a release> check all the box and submit for production.



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Gunjan Paul

Gunjan Paul

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